Bloom – original

Bloom – original

  • 30 layers of carved acrylic on ply

  • 20cm plywood round

  • Ready to hang

  • Price includes shipping within NZ (to enquire about international shipping, please get in touch)

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Mother & Child is the first mandala I’ve created where I’ve been given the meaning first. Usually I just channel them and see what comes out!

This centre symbol was the first symbol I was given - inspired by an embrace with my littlest. The symbol surrounding the centre came next, also signifying an embrace. With each symbol, there is a bigger part that represents the mother, and a smaller part symbolising the child. Going further out to the spiral - the spiral in the middle is the child, the mother’s arms surrounding it. Then there is the Mother (the bigger side) and the Child (the smaller side) meeting in love. Lastly, the tear drops, representing the many tears of motherhodd - tears of love, tears of joy, tears of frustration, tears of sadness, tears of exhaustion, tears of laughter, and so much more…