How I work

How I Work

Many mandala artists use rulers, compasses, and protractors to ensure precise, accurate measurements and spacings of their designs. They draw first in pencil, before committing with ink or paint. They produce incredible pieces of art.

I don’t work this way.

I don’t measure. I don’t sketch first. I don’t plan. I have no idea what the final design is going to look like, until it’s done. Once I’ve made a mark, it’s permanent…and then it’s my responsibility to make it into something of beauty.

Why do I work like this?

Because it’s in my nature to dot all my i’s and cross all my t’s; to strive for the illusion of perfection. Art, and my journey to reconnect with my creative self, was a way of freeing myself from that. My incredible art coach always says, “There are no mistakes, only happy accidents”.

My process of creating my mandalas teaches me to look at each mark, even the ones that seem at first a ‘mistake’, as possibility, as potential, as the start of something beautiful. It challenges me to view each and every stroke – every action – with love and gratitude for what it will become, for its contribution to the beauty of the final picture.

And this freedom crosses over into the rest of my life. Thanks to the things I have learnt through my art, I have given myself permission in life to be less than perfect, to see each and every action and decision as part of a big and beautiful picture, and each day, to surrender to the process…and to miracles.