Hi, I’m Lana.

I’m an energy healer and mandala artist; a mindset coach, a mentor, a speaker, and a writer; an advocate for living your best life (whatever that looks like for you); and an expert at helping you to reconnect with your true self and come back home to your heart.

A recovering perfectionist, I spent many (many) years trying to be everything to everyone, and sculpt a life that looked the way I thought other people expected it to look. I was a people pleaser who needed to be needed. I based my self-worth on what I could do for others, and on the worth I thought they placed on me.

Turns out that wasn’t really sustainable!

Two kids and a business in, I found myself frustrated, unfulfilled, exhausted, and wondering where the hell I featured in all of that.

Cue the healing balm of creativity and connection.


As I reconnected with my creative self, and sought out energy work to supporting the healing process, I found myself more and more able to tune into my own heart. As my creative centre opened, and I learnt to hear the guidance available to me, I expanded my capacity to call in my true desires and live my best life…not the life I thought others expected me to live.

I believe that everyone has this capacity to create a life that truly brings them joy, fulfilment, and peace. But I also know that to do this, we need to be able to hear the call of our own hearts. This call so easily gets drowned out by busyness, expectations, emotional hurts, experiences, external ‘noise’, and more.

I’m here to guide you back to your own heart – to help you block out all the other noise and hear your own song once more. I’m here to gently challenge the beliefs and habits that hold you back, and shift the blocks that get in the way of you living your best life.